Moving venue

As some of you maybe aware we will be moving our Martial Arts school to our new premises next to Kew Bridge Train station in June. 

Our current lease runs out in on May 2nd. We will not be renewing our lease due to a huge increase in expenses in our current location making it impossible to remain at richmond train station. 

During the interim between finishing the new school and opening we will be moving over to our other school Twickenham Martial Arts College (TMAC) on Twickenham High street. 

Myself, Chase and Charlotte will all be going across to TMAC and joining forces with them full time for 4-6 weeks from Saturday 25th April. 

Our final class at our current location will be Thursday April 23rd. 

From Saturday 25th April you can attend all of TMACs classes as normal on your current membership and we will be adding a few classes to their timetable to aid with the transition. 

Please note some of our classes will be postponed due to a lack of timetable space at TMAC. We are currently looking into a temporary studio rental for our Adults BJJ programme which should be organised by the time we leave our current venue. 

All in all as sad as we all are to be leaving this venue after ten years, this is a great opportunity to train with new people and improve our skills along the way :) 

Please see below TMAC timetable and address:

Mondays & Wednesdays

16:00 Lil Dragons 4-7 years old

17:00 Kids Club 8-10 years old

18:00 Juniors 11-14 years old

19:00 Adults Kickboxing 15+

Wednesdays & Thursdays

16:00 Junior BJJ 5-14 years

17:00 Kids Club 8-10 years

18:00 Juniors 11-14 years

19:00 Adults Kickboxing 15+

20:00 Adult BJJ (Thursday only) 


10:30 Lil Dragons 4-7 years old

11:45 Lil Dragons 4 - 7 years old

12:00 Mixed ages kickboxing 

We thank you in advance for your patience and apologies for any inconvenience caused. Please contact me directly with any questions. 

Kind regards

Wez Lucas 

Chief instructor

Combat Company

Mobile 07958123837