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Maximum Battle 18 Boxing fight night

Posted by Combat Company Richmond on September 27, 2016 at 7:35 PM

Now the dust has settled upon last Saturdays Maximum Battle 18, i would like to first of all applaud James Fox and his team for once again delivering a great show with some spectacular fights. 

We had two fighters on the card, boxing debutee Dale Marney taking on the 3 event vet Ronnie Johnson and myself Chief Instructor Wez Lucas competing for southern areas 73kg Max belt against experinced boxer Kris Cox of Maximus Gym.

 Dale Marney Vs Ronnie Johnson

Dale has been training with me at our Reigate school for just under a year and prior to this event had on ly competed once in a point karate style interclub a few months prior. 

Ronnie is a tough boxer with about three years of training and a strong power out put. 

Behind the curtain Dale was waiting petinetly as Daniel (TMAC Chief instructor) prepared him to make the walk. 

Once in the ring with Dale, myself and Daniel waited for the arrival of Ronnie to get us underway.

After the referee briefed both fighters and announced "Box!!" the bout was under way. 

As a debutee Dale did not know what to expect, and as a coach of a debutee you never really know how your ighter will react to their firt time in the ring. 

Ronnie and Dale wasted no time trading jabs and footwork until Ronnie landed a straight and picked up the pace only to be met by a solid body shot from Dale which backed Ronnie up givin gDale the space he needed to find his range.

Ronnie was swinging hard but unfortunatley for him Dale was defending well.

After  hard fought 1st round we could see Ronnie had slowed a little and was conserving energy so it was time for Dale to up the pressure and force him into a corner which he did wonderfully.

Dales straight punches and body hooks were landing well over the three rounds and even looked to stop Ronnie late in third round, but being a tough fight ronnie didnt quit and finihed the bout on his feet.

Result Dale Marney Def Ronnie Johnson Via Unanimous decision

Wez Lucas Vs Kris Cox

Walking out to this bout i was very nervous, im not a boxer ad in K1 and Kickboxing i rely on my kicking to set my hands up so for me this was going to be a test as i had 4 weeks to prepare for a boxing bout coming off camp for a BJJ heavy MMA camp.

As usual myself Daniel and Chase Morton (one of my 2nd dgree black belts, BAMMA & BELLATOR vet) walked into the ring and waitied for Kris to arrive.

I knew very little about Kris aside from being a durable guy with a very awkward boxing style.

The bell rang and i felt heavy on my feet, the nerves had clouded my head somwhat and the negatve voies in my head were screaming at me to get out of there, my arms felt slow and i was desperately trying to find a rhythm when bam! Kris caught me with a huge over hand off a jab which wobbled me, after moving around a little and shaking it off the voices were silent and i got myself together.

We traded lefts and rights in all ranges and played a cat and mouse game one would land and dominate then the other and this went on for the full three rounds.

After the final bell i felt i had done enough to win rounds 1 & 3 but it was very close due to the wobble i had at the start.

Kris was awarded the bout and the belt we shook hands, posed for a few pics and went back to changing room, i was frustrated as i felt i idnt capitalise enough on the openings available to me and i had not fought the fight i could have. Was an enjoyable bout all the same, but one i hope todo again in the coming months.

Kris Cox def Wez Lucas via split decision


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