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Childrens martial arts Classes Richmond

Childrens Martial Arts Richmond

Our Children’s Program follows a martial arts belt syllabus with grading held every quarter for children aged 8 to 13.

With research showing that early adolescence is the second most important developmental stage in a human life, we aim to promote a positive example and environment for your child.

  • Through role-play we help children to understand conflict and encourage non-violent resolutions.

  • Students build confidence, self-discipline and control.

  • Our students are treated with the same respect as an adult and are taught how to reciprocate that respect to others

  • We believe that good behaviour should be rewarded with praise, that your children should be encouraged and receive recognition for good report cards.

  • We teach the value of setting goals and encourage the use of self-discipline to achieve them.

One of the most popular Childrens activities in Richmond we promote personal growth, social interaction and self discipline.

Learn technique through focused coacing