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Combat Company Richmond

Global House, Kew Road, Richmond Upon Thames TW9 2NA


Combat Company history

We were originally established in 1996 in Hounslow Master Lucas was just 17 when he opened the club four nights a week. The club grew well and eventually we moved to a new venue in Isleworth in 2000. 
In 2004 Master Lucas moved to Richmond and opened a part time school running three nights a week with a 3 year plan to open full time. We hit our goal in 2005 and after a lengthy negotiation we opened the Richmond Academy of Martial Arts in Richmond High street in 2006 as part of a franchise.
After many years of ups and downs we moved to add Grappling, Boxing and MMA and after leaving the franchise reopened as Combat Company.  
As a club we have spawned many national and international champions along with helping our instructors move on to open their own clubs including Twickenham Martial Arts academy (headed up by Master Lucas brother Daniel) and Mavericks Martial arts in Guildford (chief instructor Alex Kennedy) and many others.