Combat Company Richmond

Global House, Kew Road, Richmond Upon Thames TW9 2NA


Wall of Champions

Beginners Kickboxing classes, Richmond

Whilst competing is optional we do like to celebrate our members success! Below you will see many of the warriors that have taken titles in many events since we opened our doors! 


Nya Morgan

WKU German Open Kickboxing Champion


Claire Donnelly wins The won Nationals

Claire Donnelly 

The WON Open 

National Kickboxing champion


Nathan Jones BCMMA welterweight champ
Nathan "Mr Bag&Tag" Jones
BCMMA Pro MMA Welterweight champion
Master Wez Lucas competing in Kickboxing
Wez Lucas
WKU English Kickboxing Champion 2014
Chase Morton at WKU World Martial Arts CHampionships

Chase "ET" Morton

2014 WKU World Karate Champion

Saffron Exton takes gold at WKU 2014

Saffron Exton

2 x 2014 WKU WOrld Kickboxing Champion

Rocco Skert takes gold WKU 2014

Rocco Skert

2014 World Kickboxing Champion

John and David Macdonald

John Macdonald

2014 World Kickboxing Champion

John Macdonald takes double Gold at WAKO british championships

John Macdonald

2 x WAKO British 

2014 WKU World Kickboxing Champion

Master Wez Lucas wins the masters category

Wez Lucas

2 x WKU Southern Area Kickboxing Champion


David Macdonald takes gold at WKU Southern open

David Mac Donald

2013 WKU Southern Areas Kickboxing Champion

Loneer Kavanagh take gold at WKU Southern Open

Lone'er Kavannagh

2013 WKU Southern Areas Kickboxing Champion

Nathan Mr Bag and Tag Jones Wins Fury MMA pro welterweight title

Nathan "Mr Bag&Tag" Jones 

Fury pro MMA Welterweight Champion

Kieran "Lights out" Linester 

Queensbury Boxing league southern areas champion


Karin Lambert

2012 WKA English Kickboxing Champion

Siyamak Aghili

2012 WKA English Amatuer MMA Champion


becky jennings wka worlds

Rebecca Jennings

3 x 2011 WKA World Kickboxing Champion

Nathan Jones takes his first title as an amateur mma fighter

Nathan Jones

2011 Amateur British MMA Champion


Rebecca Jennings takes gold at WKA World championships

Rebecca Jennings

2010 WKA World Kickboxing Champion

Helena Martin wins WKA Pro British Kickboxing title

Helena Martin

2010 WKA Pro Kickboxing british champion

Helena Martin wins WKA world championships

Helena Martin

2010 WKA WOrld Kickboxing Champion



Rebecca Jennings

2009 British Kickboxing champion

Helena Martin wins her first regional belt

Helena Martin

2009 Only the Strong Kickboxing champion


Helena Martin takes gold t WPKA world championships

Helena Martin

2008 WPKA World Kickboxing Champion


Helen Bannan takes gold WPKA World Kickboxing championships

Helen Bannan 

2007 WPKA World Kickboxing Champion